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Notice & Disclaimer for LIPOSUCTION 101
Course held at :
30280 Rancho Viejo Road,
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
Tel 949-248-1632
Fax 949-248-9339

Liposuction 101 is a course that provides hands-on teaching of tumescent liposuction totally by local anesthesia. Surgeons are given instruction aimed at providing the safest and most aesthetically pleasing liposuction results. Nurses are trained in aspects of clinical care of the patient before, during and after liposuction surgery.

Completion of Liposuction 101 does not constitute an endorsement nor certification by Jeffrey A. Klein, MD, or his staff or associates that the participant has attained the requisite competency to perform any of the procedures associated with tumescent liposuction. Participants will be given individualized hands-on instruction in developing the essential clinical skills and knowledge for performing tumescent liposuction, however the faculty of Liposuction 101 does not guarantee that the participant will successfully acquire the requisite knowledge or skills.

It is the surgeon’s responsibility to check with the Board of Medicine in his or her own state, province, or country for regulations and guidelines related to performing tumescent liposuction.

It is the nurse’s responsibility to check with the Board of Nursing in his or her own state, province, or country for regulations and guidelines related to performing infiltration of tumescent local anesthesia. Assessment of nurse’s qualifications, clinical skill and competency rests solely with the nurse and the surgeon employing the nurse.

Upon successfully completing Liposuction 101, each participant will be given a certificate of attendance, which can be displayed in the surgeon’s office or surgical facility. Informational brochures for patients may refer to Jeffrey A. Klein, MD and/or the Liposuction 101 course in any list of the surgeon’s or nurse’s qualifications to perform tumescent liposuction. Under no circumstances should the name of Jeffrey Alan Klein, MD be used in public advertisements.

Please Download the Disclaimer Agreement PDF file, Print, Sign and Fax the to Liposuction 101 at :
(949) 248-9339 prior to the class.

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