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See what our clients are saying about liposuction 101



The liposuction training is “hands-on” and “in-the-operating-room”, and provided by two dermatologic/cosmetic surgeons. Liposuction 101 provides liposuction training courses for both Doctors and Surgical Nurses.

Here is what other doctors had to say about Liposuction 101:

“Excellent, comprehensive, I would strongly recommend the course to anyone interested in Liposuction Surgery, from the beginner to the most experienced.” – Dr. Garret Crabtree

Dr. Elizabeth Arthur

“The mere fact that I could go off and do 40 cases with no complications after only this course says it all.” – Dr. Cynthia Blair

Dr. Chris Robb

“Superb Course! Covers all aspects of liposuction. Very thorough and complete. Highly recommend!” –Dr. Reza Tirgari, San Diego, CA

Dr. Elizabeth Geddes

“The Klein Tumescent Liposuction Course is essential for any doctor who wants to do liposuction. It is the best hands-on course I ever did and my practice already benefit from the principles Dr Klein teaches. Now I feel confident that I practice safe and efficient liposuction. Thank you Dr Klein and team!” – Dr. Melanie Kruger, South Africa

Dr. Darush Mohyi

“I liked the course; it was very helpful. I gained a lot of hand-on experience. Very useful information form Dr. Klein and Dr. Norma. I recommend the course to everyone who wants to practice liposuction in their filed. I would like also to thank all the staff working with Dr. Klein for their support & especially thanks to Atoussa.” – Dr. Nancy Shehata, Canada

Dr. Franziska Ringpfeil

“I really enjoyed the course. It was so informative and reaching my goals. It was amazing to learn from the inventor of the Tumescent Technique. So organized and the staff friendly and well trained. I recommend most colleagues to join this course.” – Dr. Nour Alharthi, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Scott Musinski

“This course was extremely helpful in filling gaps left during liposuction training in residency. I gained a comprehensive base of knowledge and hands-on experience. I also feel that the knowledge gained dring didactic instruction will help me as I prepare for my Dermatology board examination. “ – Dr. William Waller, New Orleans, LA

Dr. Nasrin Mani

“This is the Cadillac of liposuction courses. The clinical pearls and hands-on experience were priceless.”  – Dr. Keith Nichols, Suffolk, VA

“Rolls Royce of Liposuction Courses.” – Dr. Jeffrey Schafer 

“This was the most valuable and interesting medical course I have ever taken.”

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